Rail Clearways Program - Completed Projects

The Rail Clearways Program was an initiative to improve capacity and reliability on the Sydney Trains network, presently recognised as one of the most complex in the world.

Thirteen projects were delivered as part of the Rail Clearways Program which remove bottlenecks and junctions, reduce congestion and delays, and allow for simpler timetables for more reliable and frequent services.

Macdonaldtown Turnback

Completed March 2005

This facility removes surplus empty trains from Macarthur/Campbelltown after these trains have delivered passengers to the CBD. This improves reliability by reducing empty train running to outer suburban locations and allows trains to be deployed to the busy CBD where demand for services is the highest.

Berowra Station Platform 3

Commenced November 2005 – Completed September 2006

The project included construction of a new Platform 3, a new pedestrian overbridge and other station improvements at Berowra Station. The project separates northbound suburban from northbound interurban services, which provides more flexibility to hold suburban services on Platform 2 and allows a more reliable start for city-bound services. This significantly reduces delays and improves reliability for services to and from the Central Coast and Newcastle.

Bondi Junction Turnback

Commenced October 2004 – Completed April 2006

The project involved construction of a new rail crossover between the two Eastern Suburbs Line tunnels, including track works and signalling and communications works. The project increased the number of trains that can be turned around at Bondi Junction from 14 to 20 trains per hour.

Cronulla Line Duplication

Commenced in early 2007 – Completed April 2010

The project involved the construction of a second track along two sections of the Cronulla Line: Sutherland to Gymea and Caringbah to Cronulla were also completed. Associated bridge and station works at Sutherland, Kirrawee, Woolooware and Cronulla.

The Cronulla Line Duplication project will reduce passenger crowding and meet future passenger demand. By separating the operation of city bound and Cronulla bound services on the Cronulla Line, the duplication will also provide additional time for services to recover from delays.

Homebush Turnback

Commenced September 2006 – Completed May 2008

The project involved the construction of a new turnback facility and a new platform at Homebush Station. Integrated with the Sydney Trains network, the project will allow Inner West Line services that stop at all stations to terminate at Homebush and return to the city, keeping all-stations trains to the local lines and easing congestion between Lidcombe and Homebush.

Combined with the Lidcombe Turnback, this project will simplify rail operations, improve service reliability and ease passenger congestion on South Line trains.

Hornsby Station Platform 5 and Stabling

Commenced February 2006 – Completed December 2008

The project involved the construction of a new section of track and a new fifth platform, as well as new train stabling facilities.

Construction of the new Platform 5 and its associated track has separated freight trains and interurban services from suburban services, alleviating congestion at Hornsby during peak periods and helping to prevent delays throughout the network.

In addition the extra track has improved capacity to terminate and start suburban services from Platform 4 as this platform will no longer be impacted by northbound freight and interurban services.

Lidcombe Turnback

Commenced September 2006 – Completed May 2008

The project involved the construction of a new turnback facility and new platform at Lidcombe Station. Integrated with the Sydney Trains network, the project will improve service reliability by reducing train congestion at key junctions such as Homebush, Lidcombe and Sefton.

Additionally, when coupled with the Homebush Turnback project, the project will provide capacity for additional services in the peak hour.

Macdonaldtown Stabling

Commenced April 2006 – Completed November 2007

The project involved constructing new stabling facilities adjacent to Macdonaldtown Station. The construction of a stabling facility close to the city significantly reduces empty train movements on the metropolitan network, which in turn reduces congestion and improves reliability on the Airport, South, Bankstown and Campbelltown Express lines.

Macarthur Station Upgrade and Interchange Project

Commenced December 2009 – Completed December 2010

The Macarthur Station Upgrade and Interchange Project was completed in December 2010.  New facilities for Macarthur Station include new lifts, a bus/rail interchange adjacent to the station and a new 80 space commuter car park on Menangle Road.

Planned construction of a turnback facility (including contruction of 1.1 kilometres of new track and a new fourth platform) has been reviewed and will now be delivered at a later date when necessary.

Revesby Turnback

Commenced May 2006 – Completed December 2008

The project involved the construction of a new turnback facility and new platform at Revesby Station. The project assists in removing train congestion and provides increased capacity to allow for a long term increase in the express services from Campbelltown.

Richmond Line Duplication

Commenced late 2009 – Completed December 2011

The project involves construction of a new, relocated Schofields Station, duplication of the Richmond Line between Quakers Hill and Schofields and associated wiring and signaling infrastructure. The project caters for future population growth, improves rail operational reliability and flexibility and provides a modern, easy access station and interchange for Sydney's North West growth centres.

Kingsgrove to Revesby Quadruplication

Commenced 2007 – Completed April 2013

The Kingsgrove to Revesby Quadruplication project involved the construction of a second pair of tracks and associated bridge and station works required to allow for a physical separation of local (all stops) and express services operating on the East Hills Line.

Liverpool Turnback

Commenced December 2010 – Completed January 2014

The project included the construction of 1.8km of new track, a new platform, an extension of the overhead concourse and footbridge, a new lift and stairs, reconfiguration of train stabling facilities, upgrades to the signalling systems and associated civil and rail works. The project helps trains to run on time, by separating trains which terminate or commence at Liverpool Station from through trains which services stations south of Liverpool.

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Berowra Station
Construction work on Bondi Junction rail crossover
New turnback facility at Homebush Station
Contruction work on new platform at Hornsby Station
New platform at Lidcombe Station
Facility for trains at Macdonaldtown Station
New platform at Revesby Station
K2RQ weekend possession, 2011
K2RQ during construction
K2RQ during construction
Liverpool Clearways July 2012
Completed Liverpool Station 2014
View over Liverpool Station and the new Platform 4