North Strathfield Rail Underpass

Project profile

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project involves the construction of a rail underpass at North Strathfield, and a new aerial concourse at Concord West Station, including four new lifts and platform upgrades. The underpass and associated tracks will improve network reliability for freight and passenger trains by removing the need for freight trains to cross over the existing tracks on the Main North Line.

Key features

The key features of the project include:

  • a new rail underpass for freight trains at North Strathfield
  • new track to connect to the existing relief goods loop at North Strathfield
  • 2.4 km of new track and upgrade of 850 m of existing track
  • a new aerial concourse and the installation of four new lifts at Concord West station
  • relocation of an existing Sydney Trains depot at North Strathfield Station
  • associated civil and structural works
  • provision of new rail systems, including overhead wire, high voltage, low voltage, communications and signalling
  • utility relocations/protection.

View the North Strathfield Rail Underpass map (JPEG 100KB)

Key benefits

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project:

  • enables additional paths (opportunities for freight travel) and reduce waiting times for freight trains
  • increases reliability of both freight trains and passenger services
  • removes the need for freight trains to cross lines at North Strathfield Junction which impacts passenger train services
  • enables a 1,500 metre freight train to stand clear of the Main North Line so other trains can pass before entering the single track section towards Flemington.

Project status

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project was approved in October 2012.  Major work was completed in June 2015.

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North Strathfield rail underpass allows freight trains to cross underneath the main northern line
New track at North Strathfield