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Customers and stakeholders


At the broadest level we have more than 7.5 million customers. That’s because as soon as anyone in NSW leaves their home to go somewhere they use the transport system to get there.

We are committed to delivering the best possible service for our customers by:

  • Making it quick and simple to find the information, service or person you need
  • Reducing the effort required to use transport and delivering on-line wherever possible
  • Being knowledgeable and efficient, empathetic and helpful 
  • Being transparent with our information and decisions
  • Being efficient and empathic when responding to complaints

Customer Satisfaction Index

We regularly survey our customers to find out how satisfied they are with our services.
Over recent years Satisfaction has improved across all public transport modes with some significant increases in the things that are really important to our customers including timeliness, cleanliness and safety and security.


Creating an integrated transport system that meets the needs of our state now and into the future takes shared vision and collaborative effort.

We are committed to working in open and genuine partnership with our corporate stakeholders by:

  • Asking our stakeholders for advice and input
  • Understanding their interests, preferences and underlying objectives
  • Encouraging and listening to feedback
  • Acting on feedback where appropriate, practicable and beneficial
  • Investigating stakeholder suggestions and where appropriate using them in decision-making
  • Clearly communicating our process and timelines, keeping stakeholders advised of progress and reporting back on outcomes
  • Applying internal processes and governance in proportion to the matter being addressed
  • Actively managing coordination within Transport and with other areas of government
  • Being transparent and clear in explaining decisions and outcomes

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Last updated: 29 March 2017

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