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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

At Transport, we offer a culturally diverse workplace that values the distinct skills, experience and knowledge of Aboriginal people.

We respect that personal priorities are unique, and that honouring connections with country and community is central to the lives of many Aboriginal people.

We have prioritised a range of projects to attract and support Aboriginal people, including those in senior leadership roles. These include:
Leadership opportunities

  • Mentoring and sponsorship opportunities
  • Secondments
  • Networking    
  • Succession planning
  • Fast-tracking opportunities

Using Transport’s brand as a recognised employer within Aboriginal communities, we are committed to attracting Aboriginal talent. We do this through:

  • Culturally-targeted recruitment strategies
  • Networking campaigns
  • Offering Aboriginal Graduate, VET Cadet and HSC scholarship opportunities
  • Regional visits by Transport staff and Executives, to promote careers for Aboriginal people at Transport.

At Transport, we have plans in place to support diversity, fairness and flexibility, and both our Executive and people managers have goals to support the increase representation and retention of Aboriginal people.

And we’re creating opportunities to build capability and Aboriginal cultural awareness within our organisation, through dedicated learning pathways.


Last updated: 8 March 2017