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At Transport, we’re offering talented women the chance to pursue exceptional careers with room to grow.

We’re proud to offer exposure to complex and critical projects which rival the best in the world, along with long-term growth opportunities, bespoke training options and generous benefits.

We also offer a range of flexible work options, designed to help people find the right balance between making a contribution to Transport and finding time for the things they care about. 

See where a career with room to grow can take you.

We know that having women participate at all levels in our organisation, particularly senior leadership roles, contributes to improved staff engagement, better decision making, productivity and customer-focused services.

So we’ve prioritised a range of projects to attract, develop, and retain women in senior roles including:

  • Leadership programs
  • Mentoring and sponsorship opportunities
  • Secondments
  • Networking
  • Succession planning
  • Fast-tracking programs

At Transport, we have policies and plans to support diversity, fairness and flexibility, and both our Executive and people managers have goals to support the improved representation and retention of women.

We encourage talented women from all walks of life to join our diverse team, grow a challenging and rewarding career, and help us create an  inclusive, supportive and flexible culture. 

Last updated: 8 May 2017