Disability Action Plan 2012-2017

Approximately one in five people in NSW have some form of disability. This means many people face barriers to access transport services. These barriers prevent people with disability from more active participation in employment, education, recreation and community life. In response, we are committed to an ongoing program to reduce or eliminate these barriers.

The Disability Action Plan discusses the challenges, the achievements to date, the considerable undertaking that is required to finish the job, and provides a solid and practical foundation for future progress over the next five years.

The Government has invested $770 million over four years towards the Transport Access Program to build key facilities and undertake much needed upgrade works at stations and interchanges.

The program aims to provide: accessible stations; modern, efficient interchanges; commuter car parking; safety improvements, such as extra lighting, help points and other security measures; and signage improvements.

The Disability Action Plan includes 152 actions covering all aspects of Transport for NSW’s operations. It sets out a process of continuous improvement over the five year period 2012 – 2017.


18 December 2012