NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan

The Master Plan presents the NSW Government's 20-year vision for the delivery of a world-class public transport, roads and freight network to the State. It plays two fundamental roles:

  1. It identifies the challenges that the transport system in NSW needs to address to support the State’s economic and social performance over the next 20 years. It guides decision-makers to prioritise actions which address the most pressing challenges.
  2. It identifies a planned and coordinated set of actions (reforms, service improvements and investments) to address those challenges. It provides a map of future service and infrastructure developments which future decisions will be required to support, and against which proposed investments can be evaluated.

The NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan will guide the NSW Government’s transport funding priorities over the next 20 years, providing the overall framework for how our transport system develops, whether it is the services that are delivered or the infrastructure that underpins them.

The Transport Master Plan is not intended to be a detailed step by step plan for all transport initiatives. Rather, it is an overarching framework that guides subsequent and more detailed transport plans, policy decisions, reforms and funding decisions. 

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13 December 2012