Country Rail Contracts

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) owns the non-metropolitan rail networks in New South Wales, comprising:

  • The Country Regional Network (CRN) is owned by TfNSW and managed by our contracted rail infrastructure manager, John Holland Rail (JHR).
  • The Leased Network (NSW Interstate and Hunter Valley Networks), owned by TFNSW and leased to and managed by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

TfNSW’s objective is to provide safe and reliable passenger and freight services in an efficient, effective and financially responsible manner.

TfNSW’s country regional network covers 2,386 route kilometres of operational passenger and freight rail lines and 3,128 route kilometres of non-operational lines.

Enquiries regarding the CRN can be directed to John Holland Rail:
Phone:  1300 661 390
Fax:    02 9685 5190

Correspondence can be mailed to:

John Holland Rail
Country Regional Network
PO Box 215

Further information is also available on JHR’s website at:

TfNSW’s country rail functions:

  • As owner of the Leased Network (NSW Interstate and Hunter Valley Networks) to maintain oversight of lease obligations including network condition.
  • As owner of the CRN, provide strategic direction for the network and oversee the stewardship of the network through the management and maintenance contracts.