Bus priority on strategic bus corridors

The NSW Government has committed $235 million to improving bus priority on Strategic Bus Corridors.

Both infrastructure and technological solutions are being used to improve the average bus speed on strategic corridors.

Technology options include the Sydney-wide implementation of the NSW Road and Maritime Services Public Transport Information and Priority System (PTIPS). PTIPS uses satellite technology to identify late running buses and communicates with the traffic management system to direct traffic signal priority to late running buses, where possible.

PTIPS is currently being rolled out across the Sydney bus fleet. The State Transit bus fleet is PTIPS enabled and the private bus fleet is being PTIPS enabled.

Key congestion or choke points for traffic are being targeted using:

  • Dedicated red bus lanes on approaches to congested intersections
  • Dedicated bus bypass lanes (such as Left Turn Only, Buses Excepted)
  • Bus pre-emption signals
  • Conversion of unrestricted lanes to transit and no stopping lanes
  • New bus lanes through tidal flow schemes.

Over $135 million in bus priority infrastructure has been implemented on Strategic Bus Corridors between 2006 and 2008 with a further $25 million a year being dedicated over the next four years.

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