Community transport

Image of senior citizens waiting for a bus.

Transport for New South Wales contracts Community Transport Service Providers to provide transport across New South Wales, to people who have difficulty accessing regular public transport. 

Community transport aims to give customers an appropriate service, tailored to their needs. We want to enable people to live independently in their own homes for longer while maintaining connection to their community.

Community transport assists those transport-disadvantaged members of the community (with limited or no access to private transport and difficulty accessing conventional public transport) to give them the opportunity to travel to both important and non-emergency medical appointments, undertake shopping, recreation or social outings and attend other essential events. 

The ageing nature of Australia’s population, and the growing need for transport services, means community transport services are increasingly in demand. The NSW government has increased funding to the sector over recent years to cater to this demand better, with $3M per year from 2011 – 2015. The Australian Government provided a further $12M in recurrent funding from January 2014.

The Rural and Regional Service Delivery and Performance branch of Transport for NSW administers a number of programs, including:

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