NSW community transport program (CTP)

The NSW Government is working closely with local communities to provide modern, comfortable, safe and accessible transport options. In 2013, the government has increased funding through its Community Transport Program (CTP) to provide better transport options that directly benefit local residents across NSW.

The CTP aims to assist transport disadvantaged people across NSW by coordinating more efficient use of transport resources that exist in local communities. The main object of CTP funding is to provide transport disadvantage customers with a greater number of flexible options to enable greater participation in life.

Transport disadvantage means that a person or people are affected by specific circumstances that leave them with limited or no access to private transport, and difficulty accessing conventional public transport.

Target group

The CTP targets people living with physical, social or geographical factors that limit their access to mainstream transport. To be eligible, people must:

  • Have a mobility disability that prevents them using conventional transport systems,
  • Live in a more remote area of NSW without access to conventional transport systems, and/or
  • Need to use community facilities/resources that are not available during conventional public transport operating hours.

If a person already receives Home and Community Care (HACC) services, and also meets the above CTP criteria, the CTP may be able to help if the HACC program cannot meet their specific needs.


The Government has committed to increase CTP funding by $12 million over four years, to provide transport disadvantaged people with improved access to vital transport services.

Transport for NSW has historically allocated CTP funding on an LGA by LGA basis using an “expression of interest” process, with allocations indexed annually. TfNSW has recently developed a new allocation model to enable the expanded CTP funding to be used to better target specific transport disadvantaged people across the NSW community, specifically those who are:

  • Living with a permanent or temporary disability that prevents their use of conventional transport.
  • Older and in frail health.
  • Living in remote areas where conventional private/public transport options are unavailable or very limited.
  • Aboriginal.
  • Socio-economically disadvantaged and unable to afford transport, and/or
  • From a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) background.

Transport services provided

Transport services funded by CTP can assist people as individuals or in groups, and utilise resources which are either already owned by service providers, or brokered from another party.

Current service providers for the CTP include community organisations and local councils.

Funding is provided primarily to increase the level and range of transport options to the target group, using existing resources.
The CTP does not fund vehicle purchases.