NSW community transport program (CTP)

The NSW Community Transport Program (CTP) aims to assist those people living with physical, social or geographical factors that limit their access to public transport.

Established by the NSW Government to engage with local communities across the state, the CTP seeks to provide better transport options that are modern, safe, and comfortable and increase social inclusion. 

The CTP aims to reduce transport-disadvantage by coordinating more sustainable and cost-effective transport services for the resources available. The CTP provides customers with a number of flexible options to enable greater access to transport. 

To be eligible, people must:

  • Have a mobility disability that prevents them using conventional transport systems
  • Live in a more remote area of NSW without access to conventional transport systems
  • Need to use community facilities/resources that are unavailable during conventional public transport operating hours.

Accessing community transport services though the CTP

If you are not eligible for transport services provided through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, you may still qualify for transport assistance provided through the CTP.

Contact your closest community transport service provider to find out more information.

CTP Funding

The NSW Government recently committed to increase CTP funding by $12M over four years (beginning in 2015), to develop and improve access to vital transport services for transport-disadvantaged people. This funding is in addition to the $12M committed in 2013. The $3M per year additional, recurrent funding has been welcomed by communities, as it allows for an increase in the number of services available. The Community Transport Program uses the existing resources to find travel solutions.