Light rail network

Sydney's light rail network is owned by the NSW Government. Light rail services are operated by Transdev Sydney on behalf of Transport for NSW.

The light rail network provides a unique public transport service to the people of Sydney, linking Central Station and Sydney's Inner Western Suburbs via Haymarket, Pyrmont, Glebe Rozelle, Leichhardt North and Dulwich Hill. Sydney Fish Markets, The Star Casino, Darling Harbour and Chinatown are all easily accessible by Light Rail.


To make suggestions, compliments or complaints about Light Rail please use the Transport for NSW feedback form Link to external site.


Advertising on the Light Rail network allows advertisers to broadcast their message to workers, tourists, shoppers and residents and also offers a unique level of consumer engagement.

Vehicle Liveries

Vehicle liveries deliver an unavoidable message to passengers, pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Full vehicle livery advertising on the Sydney Light Rail network offers a 32 or 29 metre moving billboard opportunity that is ideal for continuous advertising messages or a repeated brand name.

On Stop Advertising

On stop advertising is often the first and last advertising that consumers see as they enter and exit the Light Rail stops. These site types are the ideal format to communicate with passengers and entice them into leisure, retail and or food and beverage locations in the surrounding areas. With stop advertising, consumers have plenty of time to read, consider and take in your message with an average of ten minutes waiting time Metro Light Rail stops.

For more information on vehicle liveries and on stop advertising contact:

Transdev Sydney
Sydney Light Rail Operator
Ph: (02) 8584 5288
Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:00 (excluding public holidays)


The Light Rail offers a variety of still, film, television or TVC shooting opportunities.

The Light Rail interior provides an easily accessible and controlled transport environment which could substitute for a tram, train or bus.

When filming, you will have exclusive use of the vehicles while in service or stationary. However, please be aware that trams in service must work in with the network vehicles.

For more information on filming opportunities and rates please contact:

Transdev Sydney
Sydney Light Rail Operator
Ph: (02) 8584 5288
Monday-Friday: 08:30-17:00 (excluding public holidays)

Sydney Light Rail project

Light rail will play a central role in the future of transport in Sydney. It is a high capacity, reliable and sustainable mode of public transport that will ease the pressure on Sydney’s roads by reducing the city’s reliance on buses.

In 2012 the NSW Government began the extension of the Inner West Light Rail line and announced the $1.6 billion CBD and South East Light Rail project.

These light rail lines will form the new Sydney Light Rail network, with reliable, high capacity services running north from Central to Circular Quay along George Street, west to Pyrmont and Dulwich Hill, and south east through Surry Hills to Moore Park, Randwick and Kingsford.

For more information on the Sydney Light Rail project, go to the Sydney Light Rail website Link to external website.