Private Vehicle Conveyance subsidy (PVC)

Information about PVC

Transport for NSW administers the Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC) subsidy. The subsidy is available to NSW residents where there is no public transport (government or private operators) available to transport an eligible student for all or part of the journey to school. The PVC subsidy is only intended to offset the cost of using a private vehicle to drive the eligible student and is not intended to cover all costs.


For general eligibility criteria, including medical grounds, joint custody and rejections and suspensions see the PVC Subsidy Terms and Conditions (pdf 70KB).

How to apply

You can apply for the Private Vehicle Conveyance (PVC) subsidy online External web application

View instructions on how to complete the PVC Application (pdf 68KB).

View the current daily PVC subsidy rate schedule.

Contact us

Please send all correspondence to the following address:

Student Transport Schemes
Transport for NSW
Locked Bag 5085
Parramatta NSW 2124

You can also send correspondence via fax to 02 9891 8985.

For further assistance or enquiries please contact us at 1800 010 123 (toll free) or 02 9891 8900, or email