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Intelligent Congestion Management Program

Traffic congestion
Traffic congestion

For full details of the Market Sounding specifications and more about the ICMP, please download the ICMP Brochure.

The challenge

The challenge - increasing transport pressures and new technologies.

Congestion on roads and public transport cost NSW $6.1 billion in 2015. This will rise to $12.6 billion in 2030 based on increasing demand due to population growth and constrained transport networks.

We want to:

  • Proactively address congestion on major routes
  • Adapt to breakthrough technologies
  • Inform customers to make better transport choices
  • Respond more efficiently to transport incidents 

Growing demands on the transport network due to population and economic growth are contributing to increasing levels of congestion on roads and pressures on the public transport network.

Emerging technologies appear dynamic and exciting on the surface but they also represent a challenge in terms of obsolescence. We require solutions which accommodate the pace of change and our customer’s multi-modal journey requirements. 

Current capability and capacity of TfNSW’s Transport Management Centre (TMC) technology systems, processes and resources prevent maximisation of effective decision making, meaning the full potential of existing and proposed network infrastructure cannot be realised.

About the program 

The ICMP is a package of works that will deliver a multi-modal, proactive network management platform, leveraging emerging technology and predictive analytics to deliver more reliable journeys for our customers, improving:

  • Situational awareness through a real-time view across all modes of transport 
  • Information on journey choices to the customer 
  • Incident response and clearance times 
  • Network efficiency through proactively managing the transport network 
  • Automated decision support capability 
  • Coordination across all modes providing network wide operational decision making

Marketing sounding invitation

We invite you to help us transform the way we manage the transport network. We’re looking for innovative, future-focused, technology partners to help bring our vision to life. 

Sounding specifications

We want to know the solution/s you have that will help us resolve all or part of the challenges before us, and details of how you will deliver these solution/s. You may see the solution being implemented through a system integrator, a consortium or a lead supplier. 

This market sounding is the first part of a much larger program and will help us formulate a delivery and procurement strategy.

For full details of the Market Sounding specifications and more about the ICMP, please download the ICMP Brochure. 

Submissions to the market sounding are now closed. 

Thank you for your enquiry. TfNSW is currently reviewing the responses from the market sounding. We will be developing our options and approach to market shortly and will advise in due course. 

If you have further questions, please email

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Last updated: 10 March 2017