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Leadership team

Transport for NSW

  • Tim Reardon

    Secretary, Transport for NSW

  • Tony Braxton-Smith

    Deputy Secretary, Customer Services

  • Clare Gardiner-Barnes

    Deputy Secretary, Freight, Strategy and Planning

  • Elizabeth Mildwater

    Deputy Secretary, People and Corporate Services

  • Stephen Troughton

    Deputy Secretary, Infrastructure and Services

  • Peter Regan

    Deputy Secretary, Finance and Investment

  • Andrew Summers

    Project Director, Sydney Light Rail Delivery Office

  • Rodd Staples

    Program Director, Sydney Metro Delivery Office

  • Marg Prendergast

    Coordinator General, Transport Coordination

Operating agencies

  • Ken Kanofski

    Chief Executive, Roads and Maritime Services

  • Howard Collins

    Chief Executive, Sydney Trains

  • Howard Collins

    A/ Chief Executive, NSW Trains

  • Steffen Faurby

    Chief Executive, State Transit Authority

Last updated: 13 June 2017

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