Popular global commuter apps now live in Sydney

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance today announced two global giants in the public transport space have launched new apps for Sydneysiders, giving customers access to some of the world’s most popular real time apps for the first time. 

The announcement comes as Transport for NSW moves ahead with its plan to open up more data to developers and innovators, awarding a $1.7 million contract to build a new online Open Data Hub. 

Mr Constance said the NSW Government was opening the doors to new ideas and apps from around the world and this was just the start.

“This is a win for transport customers - two global transit apps available in more 700 cities worldwide are now live with Sydney transport information,” Mr Constance said.

“This is also great for tourists who can now access the apps they use at home, to get around our great global city.

“Together these apps have more downloads than our entire country’s population, but as our Future Transport agenda progresses we’ll have more ground-breaking ideas to offer our customers.”

Moovit and Transit App were both selected to receive early access to restricted data before it opens up to everyone later this year.

Mr Constance said the new Open Data Hub will provide a platform for app developers across the world to innovate and deliver new ideas to customers.

“Already we’ve seen over 3 million downloads of real time transport apps to date and 90 million requests for timetable data each month.

“We’re taking this even further by building a platform that will make information accessible to anyone who wants it.

“To start, we will make real time transport data open for everyone to access – but with big developments in areas like Opal data – the possibilities are endless. 

“Once we get the platform up and running by mid-year, we will work with the community to prioritise the data we make available.”

Moovit: One of the world’s leading transit apps used by more than 28 million users around the world in over 700 cities.  

Transit App: A full featured app that makes it easier to travel without owning or using a personal vehicle.  Transit App is one of the top ranked transport apps in the United States and Canada and is available in 100 cities around the world.  

For more information go to http://www.transport.nsw.gov.au/opendata

Today’s announcement marks the start of a new ‘Future Transport’ program that will culminate in the Future Transport Summit 2016, where experts from Surry Hills to Silicon Valley will be invited to come up with the next big technology ideas to improve our transport system.

10 February 2016