Statement from a Transport for NSW spokesperson about Opal and privacy

We know people expect their privacy to be protected, and the Opal system ensures our customers’ personal information is collected, used, stored and accessed according to all relevant laws.

When customers sign up to Opal, the Privacy Policy is written in plain English to make it clear that Transport for NSW may disclose information under certain strict rules.

Customers can be assured Transport for NSW may only disclose information to a law enforcement agency that is necessary for law enforcement purposes, for the investigation of an offence, for the enforcement of criminal law or to assist in locating a missing person.

Protecting people's privacy is very important but if in some situations Police need this data to help solve crime and protect the public then there is a responsibility to provide it.

This is consistent with other electronic ticketing systems.

Police have not requested any Opal data to date.

In the coming months new unregistered Opal cards will be available for customers at retailers and pop-up kiosks at stations. With an unregistered Opal card, you simply load it with cash and can choose not to link it to any personal details.

The Opal Privacy Policy was developed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Privacy Act 1998, and in consultation with the NSW Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

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Statement from a Transport for NSW spokesperson about Opal and privacy (pdf 39KB)

15 July 2014