October 2013 timetable changes for trains, buses and ferries

The NSW Government has carried out the biggest rewrite of public transport timetables – including buses, trains and ferries – to get more out the network for customers.
The new timetable introduces more than 1000 extra train services, 1700 extra bus services and 55 extra ferry services every week.
The timetables have been designed to improve connections for customers catching different modes of public transport by minimising how long they have to wait when changing from a bus to a train or ferry.
The new train timetable reduces many journey times for customers travelling longer distances from intercity or outer suburban areas. Customers at stations closer to the CBD will receive more regular and consistent services. Across the network the train timetable is simpler, with fewer stopping patterns.
Ferry customers will also notice simpler stopping patterns under the 2013 timetable, with easy to remember departure times at many wharves, for example ferries which come at 10 past every hour. Ferry routes have been improved to make the network more efficient and boost services where demand is greatest.
The new bus timetable creates new routes, improves the frequency or number of services on a number of existing routes, and alters others to be better matched with demand and travel patterns. Times of many bus services across the state are changing to connect with new train and ferry times.
Customers can plan train, bus and ferry journeys, and journeys using more than one type of public transport, by using the Trip planner Link to external website. PDF copies of train and ferry timetables can be downloaded from the Transport Info  Link to external website website. For copies of new bus timetables, call 131500 or visit a Transport Shop.

Train timetable fact sheet

Sydney Trains suburban line fact sheets

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