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Industry partners briefed on WestConnex design improvements

A photo of the Industry Briefing
The M4-M5 Link Industry Briefing

Industry has been briefed about new design features for the next stage of WestConnex, with a focus on changes to the $7 billion M4-M5 link which will be the spine of Sydney’s future motorway network.

In Sydney on November 16, our industry partners heard from Minister for Roads and Maritime Duncan Gay, Transport for NSW Secretary Tim Reardon, RMS chief executive Ken Kanofski and Sydney Motorway Corporation chief executive Dennis Cliche. 

The speakers discussed a range of changes, including an increase in capacity for the M4-M5 Link twin tunnels from three to four lanes in each direction, the removal of exit and entry ramps at Camperdown, and a shift in tunnel alignment.

Mr Gay said engineering improvements meant the twin tunnels could be built as a stand-alone project, and initially operate independently from the Rozelle Interchange and Iron Cove Link. This would allow the tunnels to potentially open to motorists in 2022. 

Increasing the number of lanes in the M4-M5 Link tunnels will help future proof Sydney’s road network as it links to other major road projects.

TfNSW’s Tim Reardon said moving the twin tunnels will enable a more direct route between Rozelle and St Peters with no impact on Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

“When we respond to the community and make changes, it’s vital that we give our industry partners the earliest information possible,” Mr Reardon said. 

“They need to manage their capacity to do the work and we can’t deliver complex projects like WestConnex without them.”

Mr Reardon said that in his working career he had never seen so much major infrastructure development in the motorway space in such a short period of time. 

“It’s a credit to WestConnex and RMS that we’re here today, talking about stage three,” he said.

Mr Reardon said the progress of WestConnex was an outstanding example of government agencies and the private sector working closely to deliver high value outcomes that would make a real difference to the way people move around NSW.

“Within the Transport cluster, TfNSW and RMS provide broader context and guidance to Sydney Motorway Corporation through a steering committee across government, to ensure WestConnex fits into the broader transport network,” Mr Reardon said.

“We all work hand in glove to drive these things forward.”

Last updated: 30 November 2016