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Newcastle CBD buses on the move

Revitalising Newcastle Program Director, Michael Cassel today announced plans for bus stops along the light rail route to be relocated ahead of light rail construction.

The proposal involves moving bus routes off Hunter and Scott streets, and onto King Street or Honeysuckle Drive and Wharf Road.

“Changing city centre bus routes once, ahead of light rail construction, will give customers certainty about where and when to catch their bus,” Mr Cassel said.

“This is a far better outcome than changing bus routes every few weeks during construction, which would cause confusion and be more disruptive for customers.

“A lot of work has been happening behind the scenes to figure out the best solution for Newcastle; the proposed new bus routes have been tested and will work well given Newcastle’s traffic conditions and road network.

Under the plan, 14 bus stops will be relocated. King Street, Honeysuckle Drive and Wharf Road will receive 9 new stops, and 5 school bus stops will be converted to full time bus stops. 

Mr Cassel said the proposed change has the potential to provide a few extra car spaces along Hunter Street.

“Depending on how Newcastle City Council would prefer to use the kerb space, this change could actually result in a net increase in parking spaces in the city centre.

Mr Cassel said a customer information booklet will be available well in advance of any changes, to help customers adjust to their new bus stops.

“People will be on the ground helping customers make the change, there will be signage up and customers will also be able to plan their trip using Transport’s trip planning mobile phone apps and website, Mr Cassel said.

The start date for the new bus routes will be confirmed in coming weeks as the construction schedule for light rail is further progressed.

Last updated: 6 April 2017