How do I top up my Opal card

Set up auto top up

The easiest way to make sure you always have value on your card is to set up auto top up.

Set up auto top up online* Link to external website or call 13 67 25 (13 OPAL)* to set and forget by linking your Opal card to a credit/debit card.  With auto top up, when your Opal card balance falls below a pre-set amount, it will top up automatically, similar to an e-tag.

Manual top up

* Please note that a top up by phone or online may take up to 60 minutes to take effect.

+ Once value is added you must present your card to an Opal reader within 60 days or your top up value will be reversed. Minimum top up value $40.

At Opal card retailers

At Opal card retailers Link to external website you can top up with cash, EFTPOS or credit card with a minimum $10.00 value for Adult Opal cards and $5.00 for Child/Youth Opal cards.