Pathway to Open Data

Transport Open Data Program

Transport is committed to opening access to more data sets to drive innovation, deliver improved digital products and customer improvements, and tackle real transport challenges. 

Inviting the app developer community to the table has led to faster, smarter, more responsive service delivery that sets the scene for the future.

We have been supplying real-time data to endorsed app developers serving more than three million commuters. The Open Data program is making these data sets, along with other transport data, broadly available. This data will be capable of supporting apps and a whole lot more.

Demand for transport data is high. More than 2,000 subscribers registered for static timetable data via the Transport Data Exchange (TDX) program in 2015. The TDX program was built on data and infrastructure for our operators and planners and was never designed for use by app developers. 

The Transport Open Data program will increase our open dialogue to tap into the collective wisdom, ingenuity and innovation of app developers, innovators and the entrepreneurial community.  

What Is Planned

Open Data Hub Implementation

Transport is investing in a new online Open Data Hub and API Gateway.The Open Data Hub External website is available to app developers across the world to innovate and deliver new ideas to our customers. There will be further enhancements to the Open Data hub throughout 2016.

Open Data Roadmap

Opening real time transport data has been the first priority. New data including Opal data, will be made available over the course of the program and will be driven by feedback and engagement. Join the conversation via the Open Data hub. 

Open Engagement

An Industry Reference Group is providing valuable industry insights, market and product knowledge to shape the delivery of the Open Data Hub and the future of open access to Transport for NSW data sets.

Members are local and international specialists, interested subject matter experts, app developers and transport data users. The group is informing open data policy development and has an important role helping to prioritise the data roadmap and define how we engage with data users into the future.

Get involved and join our forum where you have direct access to peers and others interested in Transport for NSW data and innovation.

More information

To tell us what transport data is potentially useful to you and receive updates about the Open Data program, email

Media enquiries call (02) 8202 3760.