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Transport Access Regional Partnerships Grants Program

The Transport Access Regional Partnerships Grants Program (TARPGP) supports initiatives to improve services and outcomes for transport disadvantaged groups in rural and regional communities.

About the program

The TARPGP provides funding for people who are affected by specific circumstances that leave them with limited or no access to private transport, and difficulty accessing conventional public transport due to:

  • Limited access to a car or regular public transport services (e.g. people in isolated towns, people without a licence etc.)
  • Lack of mobility
  • Socio-economic circumstances
  • Funding for projects is available on a trial or seeding basis. Recurrent funding is not available through this program.

    • The duration of funded projects can range from a few months up to 12 months Projects planned to run more than 12 months are generally not considered. If a longer timeframe is required, a staged approach with defined milestones may be considered.
    • In most cases, funded projects will need to demonstrate that they can become self-sustaining
    • Projects should aim to make better use of existing transport resources
    • The program cannot fund the purchase of vehicles
    • Consideration will be given to projects that provide innovative, demand-responsive services
    • In some cases, funding will be provided for a product such as transport guides
    • Partnerships with other organisations are encouraged, for example state agencies, local councils, transport operators, community organisations and other stakeholders
  • Eligible organisations include:

    • non-profit community based organisations
    • incorporated associations
    • local councils
    • statutory agencies
    • current Australian Business Number (ABN) holders

    Other individuals or groups are free to propose projects either directly to Transport for NSW, or to an eligible organisation in their region.

Accessing funding

If you find a gap in services to a community or a group of people, contact the Area Manager in your area. They may be able to provide information about services available to solve the problem or if none exist, you may be advised to apply for funding of a new service.

  • You can apply for funding at any time and there is no cut-off date for applications.

    When developing a funding proposal, a sponsoring organisation is asked to talk with their Area Manager, who may then seek feedback on the proposal from the local Transport Working Group. 

    A completed form is then submitted to the local Regional Manager who will forward it on for final approval.

    We will assess your funding application on individual merit considering factors such as the level of transport disadvantage experienced by the target group, the use the proposal makes of existing transport resources, and the impact the proposal is likely to have on the coordination of effective transport solutions.

    Funding is granted with the primary aim of increasing the level and range of transport options to the target group. 

    If the project is approved, TfNSW will write to the applicant with details of operational and reporting requirements. 

Project evaluation

As a requirement of funding you will be required to submit evaluation updates throughout the duration of the project. This is an important way of demonstrating the benefits of your transport initiative to communities. If funded you will need to keep records that demonstrate the change delivered such as:

  • Patronage figures
  • Improved public awareness of available services
  • Number of people attending a service
  • Level of social activity people engage in
  • Better access to services

Last updated: 31 January 2017