Applying for hire car operator accreditation

Standards for granting hire car operator accreditation

information can be found in the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Point to Point Transport Operators Link to external website fact sheet.

The standards for hire car operator accreditation are the requirements that applicants must meet before hire car operator accreditation can be issued by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

An authorised hire car driver who also wishes to operate a hire car service is exempt from the requirement to hold hire car operator accreditation, subject to certain conditions.

A person or corporation wishing to be accredited to operate a hire car service must be fit and proper, and must be able to meet the appropriate requirements in respect of:

  1. Financial viability
  2. Safety of drivers, passengers and the public
  3. Vehicle maintenance

The applicant must have also:

  • Completed an application form and answered all questions truthfully
  • Met all the requirements specified in the accreditation standards.

Then you will be required to:

  • Deliver or post the completed application form, all the documentation and a $45 non-refundable cheque for payment to RMS.
  • Wait for clearance from RMS.

What to do to become a hire car operator