Parramatta Light Rail

Sydney’s heart is moving west. By 2036 more than half of all Sydneysiders will call Western Sydney home. Greater Parramatta sits at the centre of this growth.

A Plan for Growing Sydney External website identifies the potential for Parramatta to become Sydney’s second CBD with connections to employment, housing, education and other opportunities across the Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula Growth Area. 

Light rail will provide a frequent and reliable transport mode that will support growth in major employment areas. It will provide a modern public transport network that supports productivity by bringing businesses, destinations and employers closer to their suppliers, visitors, employees and customers.

Draft vision and objectives


‘To deliver integrated light rail services that support the shared vision for the growth of Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula’


Land use
  • Support Parramatta achieving second CBS status
  • A catalyst for shaping new growth
  • Connecting people and places
  • Supporting new and existing communities
  • Providing attractive transport choices


Following engagement with stakeholders to refine the vision and objectives for Parramatta Light Rail, they will help to guide the planning phase of the project.

About Parramatta Light Rail

Parramatta Light Rail will be over 20km long, providing reliable public transport to link residential, employment, cultural and education precincts.

High frequency services, seven days a week from early in the morning to late night will connect to the wider rail network, bus, ferry and active transport links.

Modern, comfortable light rail vehicles will provide an attractive transport choice for local residents and an integrated ticketing system will provide a seamless journey for customers.

Caption: Parramatta Light Rail visualisation


Transport for NSW is engaging with key stakeholders in the region so that they can help to shape the project and maximise the benefits from Parramatta Light Rail.

Later in 2016, Transport for NSW will consult on a detailed route with the wider community, ahead of formal consultation on an Environmental Impact Statement in 2017.

The current indicative timescale is for procurement for construction contracts to take place from 2017 to allow construction to commence in late 2018.


The NSW Government has allocated $1 billion of capital funding from Restart NSW and Rebuilding NSW. Current estimates indicate the capital cost of the network exceeds current allocated government funding.

A Special Infrastructure Contribution to share the value uplift along the growth corridor will be applied to new residential development within the Greater Parramatta to Olympic Peninsula Priority Growth Area. This will contribute funding to Parramatta Light Rail and other infrastructure such as schools and road upgrades. Other sources of funding are also being investigated.


For more information about Parramatta Light Rail email or call 1800 684 490.

Media releases

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