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Taxi operator regulations and requirements

We provide information on the regulations and specifications relevant to Taxi operators in NSW. However, Roads and Maritime Services is the agency responsible for regulating the taxi industry in NSW, including:

  • Issuing taxi driver authorities, taxi operator accreditations and taxi vehicle licences.
  • Authorising the operation of taxi networks
  • Enforcing taxi vehicle and taxi meter standards.

Taxi vehicle standards are set by the Regulation. Taxi operators are required to meet limited specifications about vehicle safety and communications equipment. 

As of 18 December 2015, a number of specifications for taxis have been removed to make operating a taxi business simpler.

Accredited taxi operators continue to be responsible for ensuring that their taxis fully comply with all other legal requirements still in place, and any specifications in the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007.

Legal requirements for a vehicle used as a taxi

  1. Four doors 
  2. A network decal sign mounted on the front doors.
  3. A duress alarm that is kept in good working order at all times that vehicle is in use.
  4. A vehicle tracking device that is kept in good working order at all times that vehicle is in use.
  5. A security camera that is kept in good working order at all times that vehicle is in use.
  6. Clearly visible internal displays of information for customers that include the taxi registration number, maximum fares and how to complain or give comments about taxi services, advertisements in taxis must not obscure this other information.
  7. Wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) must be fitted out to provide services safely, and must only be driven by persons who have completed a Transport for NSW-approved WAT training course conducted by a Registered Training Officer.

Taxi cameras

All taxis in NSW are required to have security cameras.

Transport for NSW has engaged AMTAC Professional Services Pty Ltd to determine if camera models met the specifications.

The following camera models have been issued a Certificate of Compliance by AMTAC:

If you are selecting a camera for a taxi, it remains your responsibility to ensure that the camera meets the required specifications.

Taxi security system specifications

Installation of taxi security systems

Please ensure that the person you engage to install your taxi security system is licensed under the Security Industry Act 1997. The Security Industry Registry site allows you to verify an existing security licence.

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Last updated: 24 October 2016

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