Hire Car drivers' responsibilities

Authorised hire car (private hire vehicle) drivers must comply with all relevant requirements of the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007. Some of these requirements are:

Hire car drivers must not:

  • Tout or solicit for passengers or for a hiring
  • Ply, stand or park the vehicle for hire on any road (all hirings must be pre-booked)
  • Move more than 3 metres from the hire car in the Sydney Airport precinct or at any other airport, without reasonable excuse, except when loading or unloading luggage
  • Smoke in the hire car at any time
  • Move the hire car while any door is open
  • Falsely advertise that they are authorised hire car drivers.

Hire car drivers must:

  • Behave with civility and propriety towards intending passengers, passengers, other hire car drivers and authorised officers
  • Allow assistance animals or animals in training in their vehicle
  • Hand over driver licence and driver authority card to authorised officer when requested to do so
  • Tell an authorised officer about details of a hiring when requested to do so within the Sydney Airport precinct.