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This page contains information for taxi drivers.

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Taxi drivers must wear seat belts

 Media release 11 January 2013.

Taxi drivers must ‘clip every trip’ from 14 January

NSW taxi drivers are reminded they must “clip every trip”, from Monday 14 January, when they will become covered by the state’s seatbelt laws.

The change ends an exemption that, since seatbelts became compulsory in NSW in 1971, has allowed taxi drivers to operate their vehicles without buckling up.

A Transport for NSW spokesperson said drivers were initially to be included under the law from 1 January, but were given two weeks extra to prepare for the change.

“Seatbelts have a proven record saving lives and we want taxi drivers to be just as safe behind the wheel as all other motorists,” the spokesperson said.

“We have been communicating with taxi drivers to ensure they are aware of the change, and gave them a lengthy lead-in from the initial announcement to ensure they had time to make any necessary preparations.”

Transport for NSW personnel will this week be visiting taxi hotspots in the Sydney CBD, Sydney airport, Wollongong , Newcastle and Western Sydney to discuss the change and make sure all drivers are aware of their new responsibilities.

The spokesperson said not only will the change enhance safety for drivers, it will protect a front seat passenger in the case of a side impact, where an unrestrained driver could be thrown across the vehicle.

“Less than two per cent of all NSW motorists injured in a crash are not wearing a seatbelt, but among taxi drivers the figure is 40 per cent,” the spokesperson said. 

“We want to make sure taxi drivers are as safe as anyone else.”

Taxi drivers in all other Australian states and territories are bound by seatbelt laws. In NSW taxi passengers are already required to wear a seatbelt at all times.

The NSW Taxi Council, NSW Taxi Drivers Association, Australian Taxi Drivers Association, Transport Workers Union, NSW Police Force, WorkCover and Roads and Maritime Services were consulted regarding the change.

Important information on taxi driver seatbelt laws.

Taxi fares and variable tolling

Variable tolls apply to taxi journeys on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel. The toll which applies at the time of the crossing is added to the fare paid by the passenger. This applies to southbound and northbound journeys. Variable tolls on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel began on 27 January 2009.

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