Important information on taxi driver seatbelt laws

Taxi drivers are over-represented in statistics of road users injured and killed as a result of not wearing a seat belt. Between 2000 and 2010 over 40 per cent of taxi drivers injured in a crash were not wearing a seat belt, compared to less than 2 per cent of all other injured drivers during the same period. This change could mean one less taxi driver a week is injured while working.

The same 11-year period saw four of the seven taxi drivers (57 per cent) killed behind the wheel not wearing a seatbelt.

How seatbelt use improves safety

Wearing a seatbelt doubles your chance of survival and reduces your risk of injury in a road crash.

Taxi drivers will also make their passengers safer by wearing a seatbelt. In a crash impacting on the driver’s side, an unrestrained driver can be thrown around the vehicle, injuring their front seat passenger.

Penalties for not wearing a seatbelt

The penalty for not wearing a seatbelt is a $298 fine and three demerit points.

Double demerits apply for seatbelt offences in Double demerit enforcement periods.

Penalties for passengers not wearing a seatbelt or child restraint in taxis

Taxi drivers are responsible for passengers under 16 years old to be properly restrained in a seatbelt or an approved child restraint. A baby under 12 months must be restrained in an approved child restraint.

Passengers aged 16 years and older travelling in a taxi who do not use an available seatbelt will be fined.