Taxi driver training and knowledge test

Sydney Knowledge and Regulation Test - A Guide for Taxi Drivers

To be granted Taxi Driver Authorisation to drive within a Transport District (that is, excluding country areas) you must successfully complete the following training and assessment programs:

  • Pass an English assessment at NSW AMES (Adult Migrant English Service). This assessment must be satisfactorily completed prior to you commencing your training
  • Enrol in TaxiCare Plus, a Certificate 3 Course, at a VETAB accredited taxi training school
  • Study modules 1-3 of TaxiCare Plus (Introduction, Localities and Routes and Rules and Regulations)
  • Sit for the Sydney Knowledge Test (5 Modules - Street Knowledge, Major Routes, Locations and Destinations, Regulations and a practical Street Directory test)
  • Study modules 4-8 of TaxiCare Plus at the training school (Customer Care, Driver Safety, Taxi Driving Skills, Driver Health and Stress Management and Passengers with special needs)
  • Assessment of Modules 4-8 will be conducted by your training school
  • Taxi assimilation (an on-road assessment of skills as a taxi driver by the training school).

New taxi driver authorities will expire 12 months after the date of initial issue. To renew, the holder of the authority must complete the TaxiCare Plus Silver Certificate. To meet this requirement in the set time the authority holder must:

  • Enrol in the TaxiCare Plus Silver Level training course within two months of the issue of the initial driver authority
  • Provide a written log book (issued on completion of the Silver Certificate) to a school (indicating you have undertaken driving shifts equivalent to 1 per week for 48 weeks)
  • Sign a declaration regarding criminal offences
  • Sign a declaration regarding traffic offences
  • Sit for another on-road practical test, conducted by a training school
  • Supply a copy of your NSW driver licence and a photo.

The first thing you will need to do is select and then contact a taxi training school.

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