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Walking and cycling

Walking and cycling as modes of transport offer a great way to get around and also play an important role in our integrated transport system. They are environmentally-friendly, low-cost and offer a range of personal and community benefits.

We have a range of programs in place to make walking and cycling more convenient, safer and enjoyable for people across NSW.


Effective planning is a key factor in making walking and cycling more attractive. It drives a coordinated and strategic approach to delivering infrastructure, education programs and facilities that will encourage people to walk and cycle.

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The NSW Government is committed to working with councils, communities and the development industry across NSW to build infrastructure which:

  • Encourages cycling and walking to be the mode of choice for short local trips
  • Reduces congestion on our roads
  • Frees up capacity on the public transport system for customers that need to travel further

During the 2016-17 financial year the NSW Government has committed $39 million to fund more than 300 walking and cycling projects across NSW. We allocate this funding and the project pipeline is managed by Roads and Maritime Services Walking and Cycling Projects


Customers have told us they want to live in communities where walking is easy. We support people to walk more by making it a more convenient, better connected and safer mode of transport.

This means neighbourhoods that are well planned, with land uses, roads and pathways designed to enable walking between our homes, workplaces, local shops and public transport connections.


Cycling is growing in popularity in NSW, with around 1.09 million people on their bikes each week. We support and promote this growth by providing safe, supported cycling environments.

Last updated: 15 November 2016