Automatic Train Protection

Project profile

The Automatic Train Protection (ATP) Program will see the Sydney Trains metropolitan and NSW TrainLink intercity rail network fitted with new equipment to improve rail safety by monitoring a train’s speed and position on the network and automatically intervening or braking to ensure safe operations.

The program will play a key role in delivering faster and more reliable services as part of the NSW Government’s Sydney’s Rail Future.

Project benefits and status

In December 2014, Transport for NSW approved an alternative strategy to Automatic Train Protection, called Advanced train control Migration System (AMS). Not only does this strategy include the implementation of more up to date European Train Control System technology, it also allows for twice the proportion of the electrified network to be fitted with this technology sooner. Under AMS, ATP can be extended to 80 per cent of the electrified network rather than just 40 per cent under Stage 1 of the original program.

Under the original plan, the first passenger service with this technology was scheduled for September 2015 and would have covered only two fleets – the Tangaras and Oscars.  AMS has resulted in a revision of the original target implementation dates. This is reflected in the greater scope and benefits under the alternative strategy.