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Completed projects

Transport Access Program

The Transport Access Program is an ongoing initiative to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure.

For information on projects that have been completed, see the Transport Access Program completed works page.

Arncliffe Pedestrian Link

A new pedestrian link is now open to public between Arncliffe Street and Wollongong Street, north of the Allen Street railway bridge.

The pedestrian link will help to improve safety and connectivity to public transport, shops and schools, particularly the Al Zahra College.

The Arncliffe Pedestrian Link project was completed in July 2016.

Parramatta Turnback

The Parramatta Turnback Project included signalling and track upgrade work to allow for capacity to be increased on theT1 Western Line at Parramatta. The new facility will allow for rail services to turnback at Parramatta to the CBD, allowing for additional capacity and improved reliability.

Population growth in Western Sydney is expected to increase customer demand for rail services. The Parramatta Turnback Project will support this increase by removing some of the existing network constraints.

The Parramatta Turnback Project was completed in October 2016.

Opal rollout 

The first stage of the Opal card rollout commenced on 7 December 2012 as a trial on the Neutral Bay to Circular Quay ferry service followed on 8 April 2013 by the Manly to Circular Quay service. From 30 August 2013, Opal was available on all Sydney services. Opal was rolled out on Newcastle's Stockton ferry service on 20 November 2014.

The Opal rollout on train services commenced on 14 June 2013 on the City Circle and T4 Eastern Suburbs lines. The final stations were brought online on 11 April 2014.

A trial rollout on bus services commenced in Sydney on northern suburbs routes 594 and 594H on 30 September 2013, followed by eastern suburbs route 333 on 6 December 2013. The mass rollout to all bus services operating under a Metropolitan or Outer Metropolitan contract commenced on 14 April 2014 and was completed on 20 November 2014.

The final stage in the rollout of the core infrastructure occurred on 1 December 2014, when light rail was brought online.

Single trip ticket machines were rolled-out during 2016 and the rollout was completed on 1 August 2016.

Epping to Thornleigh Third Track

The project involved the construction of six kilometres of new and upgraded track within the rail corridor between Epping and Thornleigh stations on the western side of the existing tracks.

The new (third) track separates northbound freight from all-stops passenger train movements along the steep incline between Epping and Thornleigh. This will help provide additional capacity for northbound (interstate container) freight trains, particularly during the daytime when passenger trains currently have priority.

The project was completed in June 2016.

South West Rail Link

The line consists of a 11.4 km double-track railway, with stations in the suburbs of Leppington and Edmondson Park and connects with the rest of the Sydney rail network at Glenfield, where services can continue north on the Main South line or east on the East Hills line. 

Planning approval for stage one of the project was received in April 2009 and passenger services began on 8 February 2015, initially as a four carriage shuttle running every 30 minutes between Leppington and Liverpool.

Leppington station's four platforms can support frequent terminating services, even after any extension of the line. A train stabling facility to the west of the station further enhances this capability.

From 13 December 2015, trains operate as part of the Airport, Inner West & South Line. 

North Strathfield Rail Underpass

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project involved the construction of a rail underpass at North Strathfield, and a new aerial concourse at Concord West Station, including four new lifts and platform upgrades.

The underpass and associated tracks will improve network reliability for freight and passenger trains by removing the need for freight trains to cross over the existing tracks on the Main North Line.

The North Strathfield Rail Underpass Project was approved in October 2012.  Major work was completed in June 2015.

Gosford Passing Loops

Slow moving freight trains currently delay passenger services on the Main North Line. To address this issue, two passing loops (northbound and southbound) were constructed between Gosford and Narara Stations, to allow freight trains to wait whilst passenger services pass.

In addition to the new passing loops the project constructed six new rail bridges to accommodate the new tracks, retaining walls, relocated signalling and communication systems and installed overhead wiring.

This will assist in improving freight access through northern Sydney and the Central Coast, relieve a serious bottleneck, create a more efficient freight rail network and improve the reliability of passenger services on the Main North Line.

The project is part of the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor (NSFC) Program, a joint Australian and NSW Government initiative to improve capacity and reliability for freight and passenger services on the Main North Line between North Strathfield and Newcastle.

The Gosford Passing Loops Project was approved in October 2012 and was completed in April 2015.

Monorail Removal

Sydney’s monorail was decommissioned in July 2013. The network, which included four stations located on a 3.6 km elevated track was dismantled and removed to enable expansion to the Sydney Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct which occupies the area beneath the monorail.

Removal works involved the closure of all stations, terminating ticketing, power and other services, removing carriage sets from the track, and removing support columns.

The removal works were completed in April 2014.

Inner West Light Rail Extension

The Inner West Light Rail Extension is the first step in the NSW Government’s plans to extend light rail in Sydney.

The 5.6 kilometre addition to Sydney’s light rail network runs along the former Rozelle freight rail corridor, adding nine new light rail stops between Lilyfield and Dulwich Hill.

The Inner West Light Rail Extension opened on 27 March 2014.

Liverpool Turnback

The project included a new 1.8km track, construction of a new side platform (Platform 4), extension of the existing overhead concourse, construction of stairs, extension of an existing footbridge, installation of a new lift, and upgrades to power, lighting and communications systems,  construction of two new mainline turnouts, reconfiguration of the existing train stabling facilities, new walkways for the reconfigured stabling yard, lighting and cleaners facilities. 

The project provides a more flexible and reliable turn back facility for trains servicing the Bankstown, South, Inner West and Cumberland lines, an increase in the number of terminating trains at Liverpool Station, and the independent operation of the stabling facilities and the main line services.

The Liverpool Turnback was completed in January 2014.

Hexham Freight Loop

The project involved the construction of a 1,500 metre refuge loop on the northern side of the Sydney bound main line west of Hexham station.

The hexham Freight Loop was completed in June 2012.

Last updated: 27 April 2017