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Digital Train Radio System

Project profile

Transport for NSW is installing a Digital Train Radio System (DTRS) throughout the 1455 kilometre electrified rail network, bounded by Kiama, Macarthur, Lithgow, Bondi Junction and Wickham.

Masts and other communications equipment have been installed at approximately 265 locations within the rail corridor and more than 60 sites in tunnels.


The DTRS will ensure that train drivers, train controllers, signallers and train guards on the electrified rail network are able to communicate with each other using the same system with the same technology.

Replacing the existing analogue train radio system with DTRS will fulfil recommendations from the Special Commission of Inquiry into the Waterfall Rail Accident to provide a common platform of communication for staff working on the railway.

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Further information, including copies of the planning approval documents are available by:

Last updated: 24 October 2016