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South West Rail Link Extension Corridor

The NSW Government is investigating a north - south public transport rail corridor to expand the transport network, serve the growth in Western Sydney and the proposed Western Sydney Airport. The South West Rail Link Extension corridor is one of the corridors highlighted in the Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study (Scoping Study) which investigates rail priorities for Western Sydney.

Project profile

Transport for NSW is investigating opportunities to expand the public transport network by identifying a new public transport rail corridor and preserving it for future transport infrastructure. By identifying a public transport rail corridor now we can ensure land is available to deliver new transport links in the future and when it is needed.  

The Extension corridor is proposed to connect Leppington Station to Bringelly and then head in two directions: north to the T1 Western Line near St Marys; and south to the T2 South Line near Macarthur. 

A number of core stations are proposed in the existing and planned centres of Rossmore, Bringelly, North Bringelly, Oran Park and Narellan. A station is also proposed at Badgerys Creek to serve the proposed Western Sydney Airport. The corridor allows for additional stations if required.


The South West Rail Link Extension would:

  • Allow the delivery of dedicated public transport rail infrastructure for Greater Western Sydney when it is needed
  • Connect the T1 Western Line with the T2 South Line for a north-south transport connection 
  • Provide passenger rail connections for growing communities and support the proposed Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek
  • Improve public transport connectivity and support population and economic growth
  • Ensure new town centres are designed and planned around public transport
  • Reduce the cost of delivering transport infrastructure in the future. 


Community consultation is underway for the Scoping Study. The Scoping Study is a joint initiative of the Australian and the NSW governments to determine the need, timing and service options for rail investment to support the growth of Western Sydney and the proposed Western Sydney Airport.  

The NSW Government anticipates that the South West Rail Link Extension will be needed to support population growth in Sydney’s south-west. The Scoping Study will investigate the South West Rail Link Extension alignment taking into consideration connections to the Western Sydney Airport, the T1 Western Line and the T2 Inner West and South Line. The outcome of the scoping study will allow the NSW Government to finalise the preferred corridor for the South West Rail Link Extension.  

Community feedback and previous submissions to the South West Rail Link Extension Corridor Investigation are being considered as part of the Scoping Study.  

Further information about the scoping study, the possible rail options and how to submit comments


The most recent consultation for the South West Rail Link Extension is now closed.

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Last updated: 11 January 2017