Access for Third Party Train Operators to the rail network

Third party access to the NSW rail network is provided by the Transport Asset Holding Entity of New South Wales (TAHE)

We have developed an information pack to assist organisations wishing to apply for and purchase access to the NSW rail network. The pack contains a comprehensive range of material to help those seeking access to evaluate whether they wish to apply for access.

Information pack

Information forming part of our network interface and co-ordination plan, as well as operating schedules can change frequently, and may not be immediately reflected in the information provided below. Additionally, some components of the pack are available by request only.

1. Regulatory framework

2. Applying for access

Standard Access Agreement (PDF, 1.07 MB)

3. Operational documents

4. Network characteristics

5. Previous arbitrations and determinations

Contact us

If you require more information please contact Lee Wong on 02 8922 1496.