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Regional air

Air transport in New South Wales

Regional airlines deliver all-important air links to rural and regional centres across NSW.

States and Territories have the power to regulate business arrangements on their intrastate air services. Sydney airport access, air traffic control, aircraft noise, the Sydney Airport curfew, and maintenance and safety of air services, are regulated by the Commonwealth Government.

For information regarding Federal Government responsibilities, legislation, and fees go to the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The NSW Government regulates intrastate air routes by limiting competition on low volume routes and licensing these routes on a one-route one-licence basis. Higher volume routes are deregulated (unlicensed), which allows open competition.

These arrangements recognise that higher volume routes can operate competitively, while low volume routes may not be as robust and are protected from competition to provide greater stability and encourage route development.


Correspondence and information requests on regional aviation matters should be directed to:

Transport for NSW, GPO Box K659, Haymarket NSW 1240


Last updated: 2 November 2016

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