Future Mobility Centre

Through research, testing and collaboration we are bringing the imagination of future transport to life.

About Us

The Transport for NSW Future Mobility Centre’s mission is to:

  • Demonstrate the feasibility of new and emerging technology by executing research, developing strategies, and conducting trials.
  • Collaborate with industry and academia to demonstrate future mobility technology and provide the space for it to be developed and assured.
  • Introduce new products and services to improve our transport ecosystem and provide safer, sustainable, and reliable outcomes for customers. Recent projects have explored connected and automated vehicles (CAVs), zero emission vehicles, and drone technology. 

Embracing technology and innovation to truly take transport into the future is our goal.  To make our vision come to life we are:

  • Expanding our footprint to research, test, evaluate, and deploy mobility technology and infrastructure into the transport network.
  • Developing a world class Testing Facility for new technology at Cudal, NSW.
  • Shaping government strategy, policy, and regulation for future transport needs.
  • Fostering collaborative and agile partnerships with industry to accelerate technology driven transport solutions.
  • Accelerating stakeholder knowledge and adoption of new technology or future ways of moving.
  • Establishing customer and network readiness for the implementation of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) on NSW roads.

We invite industry, academia and community to partner with us

Key projects and working with us