Move TV - Episode 2

Episode 2 MOVE ME

What does it mean to have personalised travel options ? What will it mean for me, my family, my work? Are there opportunities for new way to work? This Episode Host Stephanie Bendixsen and special guests: Segolene Deely, Director of Corporate Affairs for Keolis Downer, the largest provider of multimodal public transport in Australia and New Zealand and Hyper Anna’s Head of Customer Success Anthony Slater look at living life on the move freeing up one of our most valuable commodity of all: TIME ( at least in theory). Moving food, moving time, moving services and enabling those who are mobility challenged, what does the new world of ridesharing, smart shuttles, painless tickets, and virtual bus stops look like? Is it travel utopia we’ve dreamed of or should we be staying off the roads altogether, going to work through VR or telerobots? Our resident reporter Sara Isakka, takes us aboard a new ride-sharing experience on the water with the “Ahoy” App, Swiftfare, a collaboration with Captain Cook Cruises, which is creating whole new mobility options for those who need it most.

CoastConnect case study


An On demand door-to-door commuter service being trialed on the Central Coast

NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


Ségolène Deeley, Director Corporate Affairs, Keolis Downer

Segolene has more than 15 years’ experience in communications and PR, and one of the spokespersons for Keolis Downer, the largest provider of multimodal public transport in Australia and New Zealand. Keolis Downer is a joint venture is between Keolis, the largest private sector French transport group, and Downer Rail.

Anthony Slater, Head of Customer Success, Hyper Anna

Anthony is the Head of Customer Success at Hyper Anna, an Artificial Intelligence powered data analyst. Hyper Anna allows companies to ask plain English questions to unlock their company's data. Anthony has also featured as a digital expert on Channel Nine's Today Show - being interviewed for various topics including as online privacy, emerging technology, digital trends and social media. He was the co-host of CyberShack from 2010-2015 - a consumer technology program on Channel Nine. Anthony also spent five years at LinkedIn Australia as Head of Customer Success (Sales Solutions) running a team across APAC responsible for helping organisations integrate social media into their business development processes.