NSW Future Mobility

A call to action for industry, academia and startups to work with us and shape the future of transport for our cities and communities.

Ministers’ Foreword

We are committed to bold, smart responses to emerging technologies that are shaping the future of transport

Secretary’s Message: Transport is a Technology Business

We are fostering collaborative and agile partnerships with industry to accelerate technology-driven transport solutions

A strong economy, a vibrant innovation ecosystem

When it comes to the economy, NSW means business and has created the ideal conditions where transport technology businesses can thrive.

The vision for future mobility

We are developing a world-class technology-enabled future mobility system across NSW

A journey of growth and opportunity 

We want the people of NSW to be the first to take advantage of the latest innovations

Focusing on changing the game

We want to be a global leader in transport technology and innovation and connect people with places like never before

Our role as an enabler

We are inviting visionaries to partner with us on our journey to become a world leader in transport technology