Intelligent Congestion Management Program case study

The Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP) is improving the capabilities of Transport for NSW’s Transport Management Centre (TMC) to take the lead and to partner in delivering solutions that reduce the impacts of congestion on communities, business, customer experience and safety.

The ICMP will deliver the monitoring, notification and data science elements required for a single view of the road network. It will have the capacity to predict flows 30 minutes into the future and take action within 5 minutes.

The system will be in place by 2020 and will include auto generated congestion alerts that identify unusual conditions on the road network allowing for more immediate detection analysis and response to incidents such as accidents.  

The key objectives of this initiative are:

  • Visibility and improved situational awareness across all modes of transport to support decision making
  • Improved incident response and clearance times
  • Proactive management and where possible prevention of congestion
  • Improved customer journey times, reliability and satisfaction

We have partnered with Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS), who is a leader in this space, to enable the development and delivery of the ICMP by bringing in their technology and expertise as well as a culture of innovation.

With CTS we will collaboratively build an advanced multi-modal transport platform to replace the current traffic management system, built for the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

CTS’s solution is an integrated platform which will use:

  • WSP for management of major events and network operations planning
  • Mentz for publication of information to the public
  • Microsoft for their Power Business Intelligence
  • PTV for offline and real-time predictive modelling

“This landmark project will position Sydney as a global leader in multimodal transport management operations.”

Matt Cole, President of Cubic Transportation Systems,