Open Data Innovation case study

In the age of artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, data is often touted as the new oil for mobility.

It is the critical resource sustaining the rapid pace of development in transport technology today and into the future. Recognising data as a key priority for future mobility, we launched the Transport Open Data Hub and Developer Portal in 2016, giving developers, technologists and data analytic centers access to invaluable Transport data through both static datasets and real-time APIs.

Using our data channels, developers are creating the next generation of real-time transport apps, as well as insights and information services for our customers.

Since its launch, over 2.2 billion API hits on our Open Data Server have been tallied and apps using the portal have been downloaded over seven million times. This demonstrates a robust technical platform, strong relationships with the developer community and the true value generated for customers.

Today, over 2,500 developers form an active collaborative community on the Open Data Forum with Transport for NSW staff on hand to help.

Beyond simply providing data we actively engage with industry hosting developer Hackathons and Innovation Challenges through which we support entrepreneurs and innovators to explore and create solutions that add real customer value. Many of these innovators have gone on to create thriving businesses.  

Some of the more pioneering use cases of Open Data have been the development of digital Learner Driver Log Books and real-time Bus and Train occupancy information that is now displayed by the likes of Google Maps, TripView and NextThere.