About the Research Hub

A unique Research Model designed for maximum impact

Transport’s Research Model is driven by both a bottom-up and top-down approach. This approach begins with a detailed analysis of the complex challenges facing Transport, and works towards strategic and innovative solutions to address these challenges.

Our bottom-up approach involves the development of Problem Statements by TfNSW subject matter experts and staff across seven Research Communities of Practice (R-CoPs). Each R-CoP is aligned with one of Transport’s Strategic Research Directions, and members work together to identify some of Transport’s biggest challenges and research priorities. The Problem Statements developed by our R-CoPs form the starting point for engagement with the tertiary sector and other research collaborators.

Our top-down approach ensures that our Problem Statements and research priorities are strategically aligned with Transport's broader goals and vision. It also supports our commitment to Future Transport Strategy 2056, which sets the 40 year vision, directions and outcomes framework for customer mobility in NSW, and guides transport investment over the longer term.

Note that our Research Hub and Problem Statement process predominantly operates as an Engagement Model, rather than a Funding Model. Our intention is to provide researchers with clear direction on TfNSW’s research priorities, rather than to fund projects.

For more information about our Research Model, or to enquire about our Problem Statements, please contact us via our email: research@transport.nsw.gov.au


Benefits of collaborating with Transport for NSW

The benefits of collaborating with Transport for NSW include:

  • Solving real-world problems
  • Greater knowledge sharing between academia, industry and government
  • Co-creation and co-delivery of innovative research through collaboration and partnerships
  • Increased multidisciplinary focus within and outside universities
  • Diverse training and industry experience for students
  • More contemporary approaches to degree options for students through exposure to real world problems and industry experience
  • Better job prospects for students as a result of industry knowledge and experience
  • Increasing career pathways and options for Masters and PhD students beyond traditional academic pathways

Sharing Research Outcomes

In addition to facilitating engagement with research partners across NSW, the Research Hub also provides a home for sharing research outcomes. This includes showcasing a range of research outputs, from innovative undergraduate and postgraduate student research, through to large, competitively-funded research projects. This collaborative research model aims to produce tangible outcomes with impact and will ensure that Transport is prepared for rapid changes in technology and innovation to create and maintain a world class, safe, efficient and reliable transport system over the next 40 years.