University student research

University student research is highly valued at Transport for NSW. TfNSW supports a range of undergraduate and postgraduate research students, including final-year Capstone and Honours students, and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students engaged in Masters or Doctoral studies, who are engaged in research that is aligned with TfNSW’s research priorities. By sharing information, access to sites/data and subject matter expertise with students, TfNSW provides the opportunity for students to apply their learnings to real-world scenarios and data.

There are many benefits of collaborating with university students, including:

  • Enriched learning experiences for students through exposure to real world problems, scenarios and data
  • Better job prospects for students through the development of applied knowledge
  • Increasing career pathways and options for Masters and PhD students beyond traditional academic pathways
  • Greater knowledge sharing between academia and government
  • More innovative research through collaboration
  • Increased multidisciplinary focus within and outside universities

In addition to these benefits, supporting university student research allows TfNSW to benefit from the solutions and outcomes developed by some of our brightest minds. In some cases, these student projects will lead to larger projects within TfNSW or in collaboration with university partners. They also provide an avenue for students to explore possible future career options with TfNSW.