iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre

iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)

Transport is an essential element of all our daily lives. The current proliferation of new technologies and unprecedented access to data presents opportunities to vastly improve the way we move people and goods around our cities, countries and the world. However, a sustained effort and contributions by a diverse range of stakeholders is required to take advantage of the many benefits on offer.

iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre (iMOVE CRC) brings together industry, government and research partners to develop novel transport solutions. It is a non-profit, neutral organisation that specialises in enabling collaborative R&D and technology development for its partners and relevant organisations.

iMOVE research effort is focused on three streams that will develop the information infrastructure to support the introduction of improved transport systems, provide better personal transport solutions to the general population and create more efficient ways of moving freight.

Now six months into its research activities, iMOVE CRC has made significant progress in developing its R&D program and is working with its partners across many areas of the transport and mobility sector. This spans multi-modal journey planning, Mobility as a Service, traffic prediction, traffic management, understanding traveller mode choice, insurance models, city planning for intermodal and logistics infrastructure with many more on the horizon.

iMOVE CRC is also currently developing its education program which includes events, support and training in a variety of formats for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students. Industry will benefit from this injection of new skills into the talent pool as well as from skills training and industry-focused workshops and conferences run by the centre.

Company Background

iMOVE CRC is the national Australian centre for R&D in intelligent transport. It is jointly funded by the Australian federal government’s Cooperative Research Centre Programme and industry. Formed in July 2017, it has 44 industry, government and research partners, including the federal departments of Industry, Innovation and Science and Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, state road authorities, retailers, logistics and insurance companies, technology developers, automobile clubs and many of Australia’s top universities.

The ten-year centre is undertaking industry-led research that uses emerging technologies to improve Australian transport systems. It will deliver globally relevant solutions that enhance mobility on the roads and public transport, and provide fast and predictable freight services.

More information on the iMOVE CRC can be found here.