Preventing railway suicide

Project Title

Preventing railway suicide: An open-systems perspective

Project Background

This project aims to develop an automated suicide risk detection system to reduce the incidence and impact of railway suicide, which has a devastating effect on victims’ families, station staff, train drivers, emergency workers, and bystanders. This project will use open-systems theory to develop two complementary information systems for more effective detection and reporting of suicide risk; use these systems to investigate how different situational factors interact with different combinations of service interventions to influence suicide risk; and share the findings to reduce railway suicide in Australia and overseas.


Professor Byron Keating; Professor Roland Goecke; Professor Shirley Gregor; Professor John Campbell; Dr Dale Roberts; Dr Armin Haller; Professor Simon Restubog; Professor Shirley Leitch

Participating Organisations

Sydney Trains, Tracksafe Foundation Limited, Australian National University

Timeframe and Funding

$450,000 from 2016-2019