Jeffrey Peng

Jeffrey Peng

Jeffrey Peng

Environment Officer

Environment Policy Planning & Assessment, Roads & Maritime Services

My post-graduate study

The overarching aim of my research is to develop a robust road traffic noise prediction method to undertake environmental impact assessments in Australia. Specifically, this research aims to:

  1. Evaluate the prediction performance of the current traffic noise model used in Australia;
  2. Explore other principal road traffic noise prediction models used worldwide and identify their relevance as well as any limitations;
  3. Develop the first Australian comprehensive road traffic noise emission model taking into account the variety of heavy vehicles and road surfaces; and
  4. Assess the impact associated with this improved method in environmental planning design.

Why I chose this research topic

Road traffic is the principal source of noise pollution across the globe. In Australia, heavy vehicles also contributes a disproportionate amount of noise not only because of their larger engines, but also due to heavy vehicle combinations having greater number of wheels as well as the use of engine compression brake to reduce wheel brake maintenance costs, especially when they are travelling down long and steep hills. As a result, annoyance and sleep disturbance across communities are frequently associated with heavy vehicles. Road traffic noise impact is extending to areas that were previously unaffected due to changes to regulation as well as government-funded infrastructure improvements. Heavy vehicle noise impact is also being compounded by the strong growth in the articulated heavy vehicle fleet to meet increasing freight demand and population growth in currently affected areas. 

I initiated this research because I believe it is crucial that we maintain the relevance of our engineering prediction method in this rapidly-evolving world, and it is our duty to identify the potential noise impact of our infrastructure projects more accurately so we can implement the right solutions to improve environmental outcomes.

How my research relates to my work

As an Environment Officer embedded in Roads and Maritime’s Environment Policy, Planning and Assessment team, I provide technical and policy advice in noise and vibration to support the delivery of Roads and Maritime's business objectives and environmental impact assessments. This frequently relies on using noise impact predictions made by our service providers to assist in the development of pragmatic solutions to environmental challenges.  Since one of the State Government’s objectives over the next twenty years is to improve freight connectivity and to promote the use of high productivity vehicles, the acoustics industry need an engineering prediction model that can predict the effects of these proposed changes.

Support from TfNSW

I have been using study leave and flexible working arrangements to assist me in balancing work and research.