TfNSW research outputs and library resources

A key purpose of the Research Hub is to share the outcomes of TfNSW research. The TfNSW Research Database contains the outputs of research undertaken in response to the problem statements that have been developed or received by TfNSW. This database also includes details regarding TfNSW staff involvement across a range of research activities, including conferences, literature surveys, research reports and related documents.

Please note that documents included in this database should not be regarded as statements of official NSW Government or TfNSW polices or positions. The research outputs provided have been shared publicly for the purpose of knowledge sharing.

The Research Hub directory

A database of latest research related material of Transport for New South Wales. The findings presented in the Research Hub are the outcome of research and should not be regarded as being the opinion, responsibility or policy of TfNSW or of any agency of the NSW Government.

Library Resources

TfNSW’s Library and Research Services provide a range of useful literature reviews and summaries of transport-related research.

External Links

Monash University Transport Research Database

The World Transit Research (WTR) website is a comprehensive resource of transport research across the world. WTR is designed to provide public transport practitioners and researchers with easy access to quality research in the field of public transport planning. WTR includes a free repository of research papers, reports, research abstracts and links to research findings from leading research journals that are indexed and searchable to ensure easier access to topics of interest.

The WTR website is developed and run by the Public Transport Research Group (PTRG) at the Institute of Transport Studies, Monash University.

To date, WTR contains records of over 6,500 research papers. It is used by over 200,000 users from more than 180 countries around the world.