Research Projects & Partners

The Research Hub outlines our Strategic Research Directions, and provides access to Problem Statements that have been developed in alignment with these themes. We invite partners to engage with these Problem Statements and help us with some of Transport’s challenges, opportunities, and research priorities. The Research Hub also invites partners to share their research ideas as part of our open and targeted calls for Problem Statements.

In addition to facilitating engagement with research partners across NSW, the Research Hub also provides a home for sharing research outcomes. This includes showcasing a range of research outputs, from innovative undergraduate and postgraduate student research, through to large, competitively-funded research projects. In alignment with the Future Transport 2056 strategy, this collaborative research model aims to produce tangible outcomes with impact and will ensure that TfNSW is prepared for rapid changes in technology and innovation to create and maintain a world class, safe, efficient and reliable transport system over the next 40 years.

Research projects

Our collaborative research projects with universities cover a broad range of disciplines

Research partners

TfNSW has established strong collaborative relationships with a range of universities across NSW and Australia

Grant partnerships

TfNSW welcomes partnerships across a broad range of grant proposals and projects

University student research

TfNSW supports a range of undergraduate and postgraduate students engaged in transport-related research

Researchers at TfNSW

TfNSW supports career development and lifelong learning; including postgraduate research conducted by TfNSW staff

TfNSW research outputs and library resources

A key purpose of the Research Hub is to share the outcomes of TfNSW research

Research Videos

Videos showcasing collaborative research projects undertaken between TfNSW and universities