Research projects

This page showcases research conducted by the tertiary sector in collaboration with TfNSW), Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink, Sydney Metro, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and State Transit Authority (Sydney Buses). Research projects take into account a variety of disciplines including transport planning, human behaviour, emissions modelling, robotics, emergency response arrangements and engineering.

Success stories

New Dynamic Network Analysis Tools

A collaboration between TfNSW and the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (RCITI) at University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Sandy and Rosie, the Sydney Harbour Bridge robots

The research and development of the Sydney Harbour Bridge robots.

Safer by Design Bin

Collaboration between TfNSW, Sydney Trains, NSW Police and UTS on the design and development of safer bins.

Transport Network Architecture (TNA) model

ASA's presentation of the TfNSW Transport Network Architecture (TNA) model.

Current projects

Driverless shuttle bus trial

A two-year trial of autonomous vehicles at Sydney Olympic Park.

Evaluation of Western NSW flexible transport

Information about the current research on the new flexible bus transport service trial in regional NSW.

iMOVE CRC partnership

Partnering to drive growth through research and innovation